find the best quality strings for your instrument, at the best price.


bajo quinto / bajo sexto

Finest selection of Bajo Quinto & Bajo Sexto strings.


Arpa Jarocha & Arpa Mariachera.

mariachi instruments

Guitarrón, Guitarra de golpe, Vihuela.

classical guitar

Classical guitar & Requinto Romántico.

Son jarocho / huapango

Jarana Jarocha, Jarana Huasteca, Huapanguera, Leona, Requinto Jarocho.

string bass / tololoche

Finest selection of String Bass / Tololoche strings.


Finest selection of Ukelele strings.

electric guitar / electric bass

Available through our friends from Gabriel Tenorio Strings.

violin/ viola / cello

Available through our friends from Johnny Thompson Music.


singles & Custom work

You can make your own custom sets!


We also make custom strings for special / rare instruments. For more information please send us an email with all the detailed specifications of your instrument and we will get back to you as soon as possible