Video by Sonero, Laudero & Ingeniero Cesar Castro.

As you can see by the credits we were in another location at the time!


We've asked some friends of ours to help us form an FAQ as we are just getting the hang of the Interwebs.  Here, I ask myself some question and answer them to kick off the process.  Please feel free to post your questions in the comments, and we will not only answer them, but most likely incorporate them into our official FAQ.

Which artists currently use GCS?

Wow, that is a great question, and one which we love to answer with a list of some of the masters of old traditions and some luminaries in today's music.  Many award winning ensembles and artists.  Here are a few:

  • Daniel Donato, Electric, Acoustic Steel

  • Michael James Adams, Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, Electric, Nashville, Acoustic Steel, Baritone

  • Patrick Bailey, EthioCali, Jungle Fire, Electric, Acoustic Steel, Baritone

  • Jamie Stillman, Earthquaker Devices, Electric

  • Zac Holtzman, Dengue Fever, Eelctric

  • Todd Pritchard, Electric, Acoustic Steel

  • Raul Pacheco, Ozomatli, Electric, Acoustic Steel, Classical, Custom Electric Tres

  • Ulises Bella, Ozomatli, Requinto Jarocho

  • Ramón Gutierrez, Son de Madera, Guitarra de Són, Leona, Jarana

  • Gilberto Gutierrez, Mono Blanco, Jarana, Guitarra de Són

  • Don Andres Vega, Mono Blanco, Guitarra de Són

  • Noe Castro, Los Cojolites, Guitarra de Són, Jarana, Leona

  • Cesar Castro, Requinto, Jarana

  • Mason Stoops, Premier Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Artist Serie

  • Vince Hidalgo, Mariachi el Bronx, Guitarrón

  • Conrad Lozano, Los Lobos, Guitarrón

  • Quetzal Flores, Quetzal, Electric Guitar, Jarana, Bajo Sexto, 12 String, Punteador, Acoustic Steel Guitar,

  • La Marisoul, La Santa Cecilia, Jarana, Guitar, Ukulele

  • James King, Fitz and the Tantrums, Electric Guitar

  • Ollin, Acoustic Steel, Classical, Mandolin

  • California Feetwarmers, Acoustic Steel

  • Andy Abad, ManoucheTone, Electtric

  • Fredo Ortiz, Bongoloids, Electric Guitar

  • Juan Jimenez, Los Camperos, Guitarrón

  • Elliott Baribeult, Los Pochos, BajoSexto

  • Mariachi Divas

  • Mariachi Los Toros, de Los Angeles

  • Ry Cooder, Bajo Sexto

  • Max Baca, Texmaniacs, Bajo Sexto

  • Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, Vihuela, Guitarrón

  • Los Utrera

  • Liche Oceguera, Requinto, Jarana

  • Tacho Utrera, León, Leona, Jarana, Requinto

  • Andres Flores, Jarana

  • Aflredo Herrera, Jarana

  • Tereso Vego, Són de Madera, Jarana

And so many more.  These artists have supported us throughout the years and now their little secret is out.  Please note, we do not take solicitations for sponsorships.  Thank you.


What builders and techs are using your strings?

You can find our HandMade RoundCore Electric Guitar Strings on Scero Guitars, Walsh Guitars, at Emerson Guitars, and Standard on al Nystrum Guitars.

Kurt Schoen, the innovator of the Turbo Diddley and Electro Turbo Didley, has a line of strings made specifically for his cigar box guitar creations.

The following builder use our BajoQuinto strings:  Sevillano, Pasaye, & Hernandez


Where can I find Guadalupe Custom Strings?

We are proud to be in business with the following dealers.  Please note that not all dealers carry all of our products:

  • Mariachi Connection, San Antonio

  • Casa del Musico, Boyle Heights

  • International House of Music (ihomi), Downtown Los Angeles

  • Djangobooks.com

  • Mainland Ukes, Nashville

  • The Folk Shop, Tucson

  • Chicago Music Store, Tucson

  • Central Musikera, Houston

  • Kessler & Sons Music, Las Vegas

  • Salinas Music 123

  • Campos Music, Mesa AZ

  • Olvera Music, East Los Angeles

  • Ceaser's Music of Illinois, Chicago

  • Kamimoto Strings

  • Music Proz, Indio CA

  • West Music, Coralville IA

  • Southwest Strings, Tucson AZ

And more to come! To see the whole list of our retailers please click HERE.


Does RoundCore really make a difference?

Yes, it does.  RoundCores are perfectly round and intact.  A hex-core is not only hexagonal, but not perfectly even which allows the wire wrap to affix itself to the core with ease and little to no human involvement.  The wire wrap is, in effect, crimping itself around the core.  That can't be good for the wire, the string, or your sound.

RoundCores allow the wire wraps to have full contact with the core without at all bending or pinching the string. The result is greater punch, true pitch, vibrant and clear tone, and rich harmonics.  

If you invest in a great guitar with awesome pick ups and amazing electronics and amplification, why use a mass produced string that is made for mass consumption rather than quality?  It's like putting  discount tires on a fine automobile...


How handmade are your strings?

This much:  see video above. It takes time, effort, and skill to make a string this way, but it produces some of the finest strings you can find.  We are also free to customize our strings for to fit instruments that most people don't even know exist, or even instruments that don't exist yet.


Do you sell in bulk?

We offer wholesale prices to authorized and licensed music product businesses and luthiers.  If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us via email:  tenorio@theGcs.co

We do not have offer any discounts for purchasing in bulk, however we will have promotional prices regularly.  Follow us on Twitter for promotion announcements. @theGcs 


Why so many questions when ordering? 

We ask for things like scale length and bridge type so that we can provide you with a properly fitted string. Because we use RoundCores, we use a small thread of silk at the tail end of each metal wound string. This locks the string together.  Do NOT cut the strings until after you have three full turns around the tuning capstan and the string has been stretched and tuned.


Do you make Custom Colors?

Yes, only on Nylon strings.  The only metal wrap we emply with a specific color is our Red Copper family of strings for BajoQuinto, Guitarrón, and Electric Bass.


Can you make a custom formulation for my specific instrument?

Yes, we can make strings for a variety of instruments.  We prefer to have the instrument in our shop in Boyle Heights, California, but we understand not everyone can visit or ship their instrument.   We can work with you to figure it out by getting important information about your instrument.  We welcome your pics and specs. email us at info@theGcs.co to get started.


How long will my order take?

Your order may take 10 business days or more to ship.  We are a small shop and work to order. We generally keep all our strings in stock, however we are regularly wiped out by increasing demand and volume sales to new dealers. We will communicate with you if there is a possible issue with fulfillment at the time of your order.  Please remember this is a handmade operation and it takes time to do it right.