Jarana MultiPack
from 30.00

Have some issues with your jarana? not sure what you need exactly? This is a great way to have get a variety of all the gauges you will need to build your own custom sets. Jaranas are so very unique and so having access to a variety of gauge strings will allow you to experiment and find the strings that best work for you, Choose the size that best describes your jarana and you will get a pack of 40 strings in the appropriate gauges to help you customize your set and always have the spare strings you need.

Have a few friends who also need help? Pitch in together and get the CommunityPack for $75. That's 100 strings, gauges .020, .022, .025, .028, .032, .036, and .040. Enough to keep you and your friends playing all year.

jarana size:
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Jarana Sets

Jaranas - all sizes. please write any details in the notes including tuning, maker, size, etc. 

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Guitarra de Son/Requinto Jarocho
from 12.50

Available in 4 and 5 string sets in C, G, and A tunings. 

from 18.00

Almas de ceda enotorchadas con Bronce para los bordones y Nylon para los agudos

Arpa/Harp Treble Packs

An assortment of nylon monofilament .025" .028" .032" .036", .040" and .045"  to fully replace monofilament trebles on Arpas Jarochas/Veracruzanas and Arpas Jalisciences.  Includes clear, red and blue strings.